DQ 1 - Englisch

At a job fair
At a job fair.pdf
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Wir versuchen uns in ersten Schritten in der sprachlichen und inhaltlichen Auseinandersetzung mit Hilfe einer eigenen Präsentation unserer beruflichen Realität in der Öffentlichkeit. (Copyright I. Hicking)

Presentation of your company
Presentation of your company.pdf
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Introduction on the job: Home plumbing systems
Home plumbing systems.docx.pdf
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Skills have to be trained: Knowledge has to be acquired!

Introduction on the job!

House Drainage Systems
House Drainige Systems.jpeg
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Heating Water.jpeg
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Central heating
DQ1 JM U 16.jpeg
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Changing a central heating pump
DQ1 JM U 16 b.jpeg
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Pumping systems
Pumping systems.pdf
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Now let us get practical: Choosing a toilet system:

(1) Toilets Guide Getting Started | HomePlumbing

Let us go to Malaysia!
A big reward is waiting for you. Your employer Schmid&Clemens (Lindlar) announces a 3-Month-Internship in their Malaysian subsidiary. You only have to be one of the best apprentices! Easily!? So - what are their real intentions with you? And - are you interested?
DQ Malaysia Project.pdf
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Heat pumps from Vaillant - Vaillant

Your Task: Describe form and function of the main heatpump-systems.
At least: 200 words!!


DQ 2 - Englisch

Installing a wind turbine.pdf
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What does your boss think? Is your idea a really brilliant one?
At first you have to present your idea - after that we discuss your arguments. And we try to find an overall decision, whether to install a small wind turbine or not.

And what about our company`s neighbours? I am afraid, we have to talk to them before we can start to install the wind turbine!
Wind turbine - deal with your neighbours
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Having water rules!
We worked about electricity, produced by wind-power made in Cologne.
Now we widen our focus and are going to have a look at our normal everyday attitude towards the worldwide supply with fresh water.
Therefore, please join Matt Damons press conference - you can attend above.

After that, please work on the task-schedule.

TASK 1: Listening comprehension

A) Beantworten Sie die folgenden Fragen in vollständigen Sätzen auf Deutsch mit Hilfe Ihrer Erkenntnisse aus dem Video. 

1. Wann ist der Welttoilettentag?

2. Welche Erfindung thematisiert Matt Damon in seiner Pressekonferenz? Warum?

3. Wie viele Menschen weltweit haben laut Matt Damon keinen Zugang zu sauberem Wasser?

4. Wie viele Menschen weltweit haben keine Sanitäranlagen?

5. Beschreiben Sie die Maßnahme, die Matt Damon aus Protest gegen die dramatischen sanitären Zustände ergreift.

B) Was wird mit dieser Szene kritisiert? Erläutern Sie auf Deutsch.

C) Erläutern Sie auf Deutsch das Ziel, das Matt Damon mit seiner Pressekonferenz verfolgt.

Annotations (Task 1)






human kind


cell phone


to shoplift


not to go to the bathroom

not to use a toilet / not to excrete waste from your body

to lash out at somebody

auf jdn losgehen

to excrete waste

Exkremente ausscheiden

to implore

jdn anflehen

For the next step, please read the text: Not waiting for a Magic Cure!

a) Erklären Sie (auf Englisch) die Bedeutung der folgenden Aussage

Today’s water crisis is not an issue of scarcity, but of access.” (Z. 9)
Gehen Sie dabei wie folgt vor: Übersetzen Sie zunächst die Aussage ins Deutsche und erklären Sie anschließend die Bedeutung der Aussage unter Bezugnahme auf die Informationen aus dem Text (Z. 6 – 12).
b) Erläutern Sie (auf Englisch) die Auswirkungen fehlender Sanitäranlagen auf die Wirtschaft und die Gesundheit der Bevölkerung in Entwicklungsländern. 


Not Waiting for a Magic Cure.pdf
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Simple things to collect water in 3rd world countries.
Roofwater harvesting.pdf
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Analysing water supply problems in 3td world countries
water supply problems.pdf
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A new invention for the people of Tanzania: Nanofilters to clean water!

Hilonga Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation - YouTube

Your task:
Listen to the video, be able to understand the meaning, answer these questions:
1. Who ist Mister Hilonga - give a short description?
2. What is his main aim as a scientist?

3. Describe his invention.
3. What do you think: Are his customers interested in buying his invention?

Have a look at: BlueFuture Project

and prepare yourself to present this project in a little speech to your colleagues!

DQ 3 - Englisch

Universial basic income Part I
Universal basic income Part I.pdf
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UBI and social equality:

Why is our society so anxious in giving their citizens equal benefits regardless of their well being, their income situation, their luck of life?
On the other hand we do allow a lot of benefits without even questioning the individual social background: Kindergeld, Bildungsangebote, Straßenbenutzung, Wahlrecht!
But to give everyone in society the same amount of monthly money (Money for nothing) seems to hurt our inner feelings a lot!
So, how much is social equality in a democratic society worth?

Exercise in translation: Social inequality
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First study (Finland 2017-2018) with results: How did unemployed people react to an UBI?
UBI Study in Finland 2017-2018.pdf
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Fracking: A heavily discussed method to solve our energy-supply-problems.
Good or bad? Helpful or not helpful especially for third-world-areas?
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Fragenkatalog zum Thema "Fracking"!

1.) What are the main problems arising from the usage of "Fracking" in civilized surroundings?
2.) What do you think: Who is interested in the implementation of fracking-technologies in third-world-countries?

3.) What are the main reasons for these groups of interest to force fracking-technologies?

4.) Let`s have a look on a small town in the Eifel-valley-region, called Hengasch:
No supply with gas, no possibilities for earning electricity by wind. By the way: The installation of oil-heating-systems is nearly forbidden by law. So what about fracking? 
Would you as a citizen of this "Dead-end-town" be a supporter of Fracking? Please explain your arguments!

Vom Deutschen ins Englische - einfach mal üben!!
Übersetzungübung Fracking.pdf
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Dies ist ein Übersetzungsvorschlag
Environmental disasters in the USA.pdf
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Threat of fracking looms large over Okav
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You are well aware about the ecological dangers arising for this area!
What could be your tools of activity against this?

Your task:

Please write a letter to Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada:
Try to convince him to stop the fracking-activities of this canadian company in the Okavango-Delta in Botswana! Use reasonable arguments!

This is the answer of the Prime Minister
Mr Trudeaus answer.docx
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Rainwater Harvesting System
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Explain to potential customers how a rain water harvesting system works and what its benefits are. (400 Words!)

Analysing a graphic or chart could be a task in your final exam in May 2022!
So work on it:
1) Step One:
What you see ist what you have to describe. Items, Figures, Icons, Relations, Timelines or whatsoever.
2) Step Two:
Facts or figures, shown in the chart, tell a story, which have to been interpreted. Find and mention the pros and cons, the hidden arguments, the obvious relationships. Which clues are easy to be drawn, which arguments seems to be odd, but true? Find the messages hidden in icons and the graphic design used by the editor.
3) Step Three:
What ist your conclusion? You had a look at the charts, you developed a description, you analysed facts and figures, you critically questioned the shown relationships, so that you are able now, to give your statement!

This has to be practiced: Please have a look at the linked charts and work on them as it is described above - from Step 1 to Step 3:

Especially the charts related to the "Hospital resource use" are of much interest for us.

So wird`s gemacht: Analyse einer Grafik!
Chart and graph analysis.pdf
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So wird`s gemacht: Entwicklung eines Kommentars!
Writing a comment.pdf
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